About Us

We are the source of all asphalt based information in the Fort Worth area of Texas.

It is our undertaking to help to inform all industry professionals working within our region of the innovations, news and latest developments in the business.

Our publication was founded in 1985, as a paper periodical which came out quarterly.

Today, we publish ten issues per year – both on paper and as a digital download.

Our website is updated weekly and we also publish a bi-weekly newsletter, which is essential reading for any asphalt professional operating in the area.

With our publication you will never be out of the loop again, when it comes to anything that is happening in the asphalt paving business.

Who is awarding the big contracts and potential new development plans for our area, are all topics which we cover in our issues.

This month’s issue focuses down on the ongoing recruitment crisis across the whole of the construction industry.

We help managers and small firms get to grips with how to attract the brightest and the best to their asphalt plants, at a time when it has become so hard to find and then retain qualified workers.

What is it about the asphalt industry that makes it so special? We think it is the people and the sense of teamwork that we find in so many small companies, up and down the state.

But this is a message which is not being broadcast to the younger generation and they are needed to keep the industry going.

So, our latest magazine concentrates on just that – how to make your asphalt company attractive to millennials and bring in the new lifeblood that it so desperately needs.

All this is on top of all the usual news and reviews, of course.

If there is anything else in our magazine or our website that you would like to see featured or have a comment about, please leave it here via our comments section.