Vacancy Of The Week


Asphalt Site Foreman


Fort Worth Texas


Full Time Position


This is a full time and multi skilled role, which requires the employee to be highly adept at a number of core activities in the paving industry.

The successful candidate will roll, compact, patch and spread asphalt over surfaces such as pavements, highways, parking lots and airports.

You will be responsible for ensuring the safety of all team members, as well as members of the public, who may be on site.

You will help to train new staff members and be involved in maintaining ongoing site safety.

You will calculate the correct number of trucks needed to transport the asphalt from the hot plant and have to factor in issues such as distances, drivers and vehicle capacity, as well as other elements that might affect the flow of traffic.

You will visit other sites to assess their productivity and level of general progress. This is so you can ensure every job will be delivered on time and on budget, to meet our clients’ demands.

You will be required to ensure the efficient utilization of staff members, to make sure they are deployed to places and positions where they will be most effective.

You will also assess the slope and the width of material, to make sure that the work complies with the contract specifications.

You will supervise and coordinate the activities of crew members, including overseeing any training and production schedules.

You will be required to keep track of all materials records and time sheets for the team.


You will directly supervise between 5 and 8 team members, some of which may be trainees.


You will be educated to high school diploma level. You will posses good English in both written and verbal skills.

This job requires a high level of English comprehension and the ability to read and process forms, as well as other paperwork.

A good degree of computer literacy is also required, as well as familiarity with several software packages including Microsoft Office.

You will also possess a high level of numeracy and be able to add, subtract, divide and work out percentages. You should be familiar with decimal places and fractions, as well as be able to read graphs without difficulty.


You will have a clear telephone manner and be able to, on occasion, address a group or audience. You will have the ability to explain, in clear and concise terms, facts and figures as well as work schedules.


To apply for this role, please enclose your resume and quote reference 335.